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Manage FPS
Last Updated 2 years ago

DeskCamera supports FPS range from 3 till 30 for Screen and Screen Area media sources. WebCam media sources will always produce web camera original FPS.

The information below is related only to Screen and Screen Area media sources

The default FPS is "10" for MainStream and "3" for SubStream, these values could be adjusted directly from NVR/VMS, on the same way like for any other cameras.

DeskCamera 3.2.0 and later also allows to setup a specific FPS value via User interface if needed. Below are steps for doing this:

1) Remove DeskCamera from NVR/VMS
2) Open DeskCamera User Interface and Stop the camera
3) Navigate to "Video & Audio Settings" tab and select the required media source (DISPLAY1, DISPLAY2, Area_xxx, etc)
4) Find "FPS control" dropdown and select "Manual" value instead of default "By NVR".
5) Setup the required FPS value (note - the actual FPS may be lower then this value. It depends to network quality, PC loading, Resolution of streaming screen)
6) Add DeskCamera back to NVR/VMS


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