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2. Software License
Last Updated 2 years ago

DeskCamera software supports two kind of licenses:

  1. Perpetual PC-locked license
  2. Subscription floating license

Perpetual PC-locked license
A non-expiring license with lifetime software updates and support. This license ties to the PC hardware during an activation process. User may use the same license after reinstalling DeskCamera or Windows, however User must purchase a new license to use the software on a new PC or request a license transfer

Subscription floating license
A subscription license with software updates and support. This license can be used by any number of different machines as long as the number of machines simultaneously active does not exceed the maximum ‘Capacity’ of this license. For example – if a license has Capacity 10, up to 10 PCs can use this license at the same time, once a PC disconnects – a free seat could be used by any new PC

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