Frequently Asked Questions

2. Software License
Last Updated a year ago

DeskCamera software uses PC-based, hardware-tied licenses with free updates included.

A license must be activated via the Internet, or manual/offline activation must be performed.
Once the license is activated, it is tied to the PC hardware and cannot be transferred to other PCs. The user may use the same license after reinstalling DeskCamera or Windows; however, the user must purchase a new license to use the software on a new PC.

Through request, we allow the transfer of a commercial license to another PC, but only in the case of a malfunction in the original PC and only so long as no more than 6 months have passed since the license was first activated.

Two kinds of licenses are available:
  • Trial, with watermark on the video feed and a 15-day demo period starting from the activation date. The user may request as many trial licenses as necessary for use on different PCs on the user's network.
  • Commercial, with unlimited period and no watermark. Software updates are free during the all period of a License

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