Frequently Asked Questions

2. Software License
Last Updated 2 years ago

DeskCamera software uses PC-based, hardware-tied licenses.

A license must be activated via the Internet, or manual/offline activation must be performed.
Once the license is activated, it is tied to the PC hardware. User may use the same license after reinstalling DeskCamera or Windows; however, User must purchase a new license to use the software on a new PC.

Through request, we allow the transfer of a commercial license to another PC, but only so long as no more than 6 months have passed since the license was first activated.

Two kinds of licenses are available:
  • Trial, with watermark on the video feed and a 15-day demo period starting from the activation date. The user may request as many trial licenses as necessary for use on different PCs on the user's network.
  • Commercial, with unlimited period and no watermark. Software updates are free during the all period of a License

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