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Stream Application Window
Last Updated 5 years ago

Starting from the DeskCamera 5.2 user can select any application and stream it’s window to their ONVIF or RTSP compatible VMS/NVR
Streaming application window is available only on Windows 10 1903 or newer. Like for all other media, DeskCamera utilizes GPU adapter for encoding application window content and performs high performance and high quality streaming

  • User can resize or maximize the streamed window - DeskCamera automatically detects the changes and scales the streamed video according to the new window size
  • User can close the application or shutdown the PC - DeskCamera will watch for all the newly started applications and once user starts the same application/window again - DeskCamera automatically resumes the streaming
  • User should not minimize the application. Once application is minimized DeskCamera will start streaming the last captured content when the window was not minimized



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