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Multiple Channels mode vs Multiple Cameras mode
Last Updated a year ago

"Multiple Channels" and "Multiple Cameras" modes are the ways through which DeskCamera delivers video streams from multiple connected video sources (several desktops, webcams) to NVR/VMS.

By default, DeskCamera launches in the Multiple Channels mode; it produces ONVIF IP Camera with Multiple video channels. However, some NVR/VMS systems may not support additional channels and could work only with the first channel from the IP camera. In this case, Multiple Cameras mode would be an option.

  • The Multiple Cameras mode will produce as many virtual IP cameras as there are desktops and webcams available. A new dedicated ONVIF IP Camera instance will be created for each desktop/webcam. Each new virtual camera will share the same IP address but use an incremental port number, i.e 8090,8091,8092,etc

  • The Multiple Channels mode will produce one virtual ONVIF IP camera with multiple video channels. A new channel will be created for each desktop/webcam.

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