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Cannot start camera. Unable to load DLL 'GstRtspServer'
Last Updated 5 years ago


Please check the following steps:

1) All OS: Update DeskCamera
This error usually appears with the old versions of DeskCamera, so first of all please check you are using the latest available DeskCamera

2) Windows 10 "N": Install "Media Feature Pack"
This error may appear on Windows 10 N machines which come without "Media Feature Pack" required by DeskCamera,
To install the Media Feature Pack on Windows 10 N, navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps and features > Optional features > Add a feature, and then locate Media Feature Pack in the list of available optional features.
Note Although you are not prompted to restart your computer, you must restart in order to successfully complete installation of the Media Feature Pack.

3) Windows 8 - 10 All versions: Update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and Ensure Media Features is enabled on your PC . Enable it if disabled

3a) Download and install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

3b) Ensure Media Features is enabled on your PC . Enable it if disabled

Restart the PC after enabling Media Features

4) Windows 7: Install KB2999226
On Windows 7 machines this issue could appear if required update (KB2999226) is missed
Please perform follow steps on Windows 7 to fix the issue:
  • Uninstall DeskCamera
  • Install KB2999226
  • Install DeskCamera

Contact DeskCamera support if the steps above doesn't help

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